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Human Productivity in an AI Future

About This Webinar

We are in a time of disruption, where change is the only thing that remains consistent. The catalyst behind this change is artificial intelligence (AI), which has been deployed to improve productivity, provide valuable insights, and create value for businesses and people.

Large language models are now being utilized across various use cases, such as determining health diagnoses, formulating legal arguments, creating marketing content, and coding. Will this result in doctors, lawyers, marketers, or even developers becoming obsolete?

On April 25, join us as we tackle these conversations head-on with Hesham Fahmy, TELUS’s Chief Information Officer (CIO)! Whether they are myths, unfounded assumptions, or developing trends impacting the tech business and employment prospects of individuals in the job market, our discussion will fully explore the future of human productivity in an AI-driven world.

Key Benefits:

Gain Insight into AI Adoption: Learn how to leverage AI to stay ahead of the changing job market and positively impact your career trajectory.

Networking Opportunities: Network with industry professionals and position yourself to acquire valuable partnerships, knowledge exchange, and potential business opportunities.

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Featured Presenters
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DEI Consultant & Customer Success Lead
Natalie is a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion advisor with an excellent background in creating DEI strategies for organizations looking to begin or further their DEI journey. Her background in community work, public consultations, and research led her to DEI, where she could help turn interest and intention into actions.
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Founder & CEO
With a mandate to disrupt the network gap facing Black professionals, Lekan created BFUTR, North America's largest Black professional tech summit. In February 2022, Lekan and his team also launched Obsidi by BPTN, an all-in-one networking platform for Black tech professionals to access more opportunities and level up their careers.
Webinar hosting presenter
Chief Information Officer
As Chief Information Officer (CIO) at TELUS, Hesham Fahmy leads the team spearheading TELUS’ transformation to a fully-digital, software-centric and cloud-enabled technology leader. An agent of transformation and innovator with seven granted patents, Hesham has a track record of launching disruptive products and platforms in retail, IoT, fintech and development tooling.