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Black Tech Professionals in Gaming: Evolving Trends & New Employment Avenues

About This Webinar

Dive into the heart of innovation with us on June 17, 2024, as we unravel the phenomenal growth and evolution of the gaming industry! With an estimated market value to reach $7 billion by 2032, this is not just growth; it's a revolution reshaping the gaming world's fabric.

Connect with our panel of visionary experts as they delve deep into the seismic shifts transforming team dynamics, supercharging development processes, and paving the way for groundbreaking employment avenues. This isn't just about automating tasks; it's a new dawn where specialized roles emerge and hiring practices are rewritten before our eyes.

This is your golden ticket to the forefront of gaming's future, especially for Black tech professionals looking to carve out their niche in this booming industry. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just stepping into the gaming arena, this event is your gateway to mastering the gaming landscape's twists and turns.

Don't miss out on registering for this unparalleled opportunity to chart your future in gaming!

What's in it for you?

Insightful Knowledge: Be among the first to grasp how the gaming industry's evolution is not just changing the game but setting the stage for career growth like never before. Discover emerging trends and job opportunities that could skyrocket your career in gaming.

Networking Opportunities: Expand your professional circle, exchange innovative ideas, share your journey, and potentially even spark collaborations that could define the next chapter of the gaming industry.

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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter
As the founder of Socially Active Training, she leverages over 20 years of PR, marketing, and broadcasting experience to help professionals, leaders, and consultants develop a credible and strategic online presence while teaching how to use social media at work for work.
Webinar hosting presenter
Executive Director
Founder of The Hermida Company and Executive Director of Black in Gaming, she spearheads initiatives focused on "Building Equity through Empathy." Her strategic vision empowers global communities, enhances tech accessibility for marginalized demographics, and cultivates inclusive workplace environments that drive generational wealth.
Webinar hosting presenter
Partnerships Director
As a seasoned Senior Account Executive at Obsidi, he specializes in empowering organizations to attract, develop, and retain diverse talent. With a prosperous career spanning insurance to tech sales, he has advanced from an entry-level SDR to a senior role as a Partnerships Director at Obsidi through dedication and strategic expertise. His journey exemplifies resilience and growth, making him a relatable guide for mid to senior-level Black professionals breaking into or advancing in tech. As an immigrant from England to Canada with Nigerian heritage, he brings a unique perspective and dedication to fostering inclusive growth and career advancement. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Obsidi® to drive change and innovation together!
Webinar hosting presenter
Senior Producer
Driven by a passion for bringing stories to life that resonate with a diverse world of gamers, including women, veterans, and members of the LGBTQIA+ community, this individual has transformed a long-standing hobby of creating immersive gaming experiences into a meaningful career. Asia believes that understanding the gamer's heart is essential for crafting stories that captivate, inspire, and unite people from all walks of life.

Focused on delivering fun and impactful gaming experiences, the ability to collaborate across organizations and disciplines, and their confidence in navigating ambiguity enable them to contribute effectively to the gaming industry. iAsia is constantly seeking opportunities to grow her skill set and make a lasting, positive impact on the lives of gamers worldwide.