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Acing Tech Interviews & Understanding Culture Fit: Tech Recruiters & HR Professionals Tell-All

About This Webinar

Are you a Black professional who’s struggling to transition into tech? Or are you sick and tired of not making it to the next round of your tech interviews but wondering what to do?

Black professionals often face implicit bias and stereotypes during the hiring process, which can affect their chances of securing tech roles.

“Corporate cultural fit” is sometimes a vague and subjective criterion in hiring decisions and can equally disadvantage Black professionals.

Whatever obstacles you’re facing throughout your tech hiring or interview journey, we have the perfect solution!

On June 3rd, 2024, join us for an enlightening evening as top tech recruiters and HR professionals from leading companies peel back the curtain on the tech hiring process. "Acing Tech Interviews & Understanding Culture Fit: Tech Recruiters & HR Professionals Tell-All" is an exclusive event designed for both budding and seasoned tech professionals eager to navigate the complex waters of tech interviews and understand the elusive concept of culture fit.

During this Obsidi® Tech Talk, you'll have the unique opportunity to hear directly from the experts who stand at the gateways of your dream tech jobs. Our panel of distinguished tech recruiters and HR professionals will share their insider perspectives, offering practical advice on how to stand out in your tech interviews, the common pitfalls to avoid, and how to genuinely assess and articulate your alignment with a company's culture.

What to Expect?

Insightful Panel Discussions: Engage with our panel as they reveal behind the scenes during the recruitment process, including how decisions are made and what they are looking for in potential candidates.

Tips on Acing Your Tech Interviews: Learn how to prepare for technical and behavioral interview questions and demonstrate your problem-solving abilities, technical prowess, and adaptability.

Understanding Culture Fit: Discover what companies mean by "culture fit" and how you can evaluate a company's culture to determine if it aligns with your values and professional goals.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow tech professionals and our expert panelists during our networking sessions. It's a chance to share experiences, ask questions, and make meaningful connections.

Reserve your spot today and take the first step towards acing your tech interviews and finding your perfect culture fit!

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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter
Career Coach & Founder
Jermaine L. Murray, also known as "The Jobfather," is a career coach and tech recruiter working to increase the representation of Black people in the tech industry. Through his company, JupiterHR, Jermaine has helped hundreds of Black people find new jobs in tech.
Webinar hosting presenter
Talent / HR Leader
Matthew Kirby, a Society for Human Resource Management professional, has been recognized for his successful Black-owned business, Honest Human Resources Consulting, YNG BLK HR (Young Black HR) Podcast, and industry influence. He has 10 years of experience providing HR expertise & bridging business strategy with human capital for global organizations in non-profit, medical, and technology sector.

Webinar hosting presenter
DEI Consultant & Customer Success Lead
Natalie is a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion advisor with an excellent background in creating DEI strategies for organizations looking to begin or further their DEI journey. Her background in community work, public consultations, and research led her to DEI, where she could help turn interest and intention into actions.
Webinar hosting presenter
Cher is a Corporate Social Media Trainer & Personal Branding Coach with the love of technology hardwired into her personality. As the founder of Socially Active Training, she leverages over 20 years of PR, marketing, and broadcasting experience to help professionals, leaders, and consultants develop a credible and strategic online presence while teaching how to use social media at work for work.