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Drones, Drugs and Smuggling

About This Webinar

Drone interceptions along borders are now almost routine. But how many go undetected? They are across the border in seconds and can penetrate well beyond normal border security measures within minutes. Using drones is low risk, it requires agency cross border co-operation to counter it effectively, and rapidly developing drone capability means, increasing amounts of contraband can be carried ever greater distances.

But how many borders include drone detection and mitigation technology along their entirety, including coastlines?
This is a growing threat that urgently needs addressing!

We will discuss what's being done, what can be done, and what should be done, in our webinar ‘Drones, Drugs and Smuggling’

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Editor Border Security Report / World Security Report
Editor of World Security Report, Border Security Report and Director of the World Border Security Congress
Webinar hosting presenter
Institute of Policing, School of Justice, Security and Sustainability Staffordshire University
Dr Sarah Jane Fox specialises in law and enforcement, having begun her career in regulatory compliancy and law enforcement/policing. She holds a PhD in law whereby her research related to cross border enforcement and the implications (challenges) of the movement of people across set boundaries into other jurisdictions.

In 2015-16 Sarah was awarded the distinguished Fulbright Commission post-doctoral research scholarship, through the discipline of law, which was also co-supported by Lloyd’s of London. Her research professorship, in the USA, related to threats and risks to critical national infrastructures, in particular, her focus related to transport modes and supporting systems.

Sarah’s research also reasons in conflicts and paradoxes – for example, between ‘human rights and security,’ and ‘opportunities and challenges’, where, on the one hand, there remains the opportunity to collaborate and coordinate, yet, on the other hand, there remains limitation set by man-made boundaries and greed. Much of Sarah’s current research focuses on technology (challenges and opportunities) and society; including, autonomous systems – such as drones; space use; cyber perpetration and penetration and evolution/revolution (societal acceptance).

Sarah has presented her related research findings at various events and conferences – including at the United Nations, Council of Europe and EU/Europol. She is the Director of the Online Harms and Cyber Crime Unit and one of her primary research areas relates to technology and society.

Sarah has also worked in senior management roles, as a legal and practice consultant and adviser to a number of government departments and advisory boards relating to policing, transport and security (in the UK, across Europe and internationally). She holds numerous professional and academic memberships and qualifications across these fields.

Sarah is currently a member of a number of law enforcement bodies, she also sits as a member of the International Advisory Committee of the International Commission on Cyber Security Law, a Trustee on the Lloyd’s Tercentenary Research Foundation Board (as of 2017) and, remains a Fellow of the University of Liverpool (law). Additionally, she is an adviser to MAVCOM and a listed expert with the UK and EU Parliament and has made various keynote speeches and presentations at various distinguished events, such as the United Nations.
Webinar hosting presenter
Shaun Ryles is GSDM’s lead in resilience and crisis management. After decades of operating in the frontline of geopolitics as a military officer, Shaun has spent the last five of those years working in the specific diplomatic environments associated with post-conflict security sector reform and resilience building initiatives. He has extensive first-hand experience in the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. As a fluent Spanish speaker, he has spent a year in Mexico where he conducted extensive research in the use of security forces to combat high intensity organised crime.
He has extensive UK resilience experience including counter-drone strategy development for critical national infrastructure. He has advised on air security planning for counter-drone plans in support of major national events and responded operationally to multiple drone incursions at Gatwick, Heathrow and several international airports in the Middle East. He is the lead UK counter-drone advisor to the FIFA World Cup preparations in Qatar.
He holds master’s degrees in Business Administration, International Relations (Cambridge) and Strategic Management. He is a currently a part-time PhD candidate with the Southampton Business School Centre for Risk Research reading for a PhD in organisational resilience and counter-drone planning.
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