About This Webinar
Most of the ships around today will still be in existence in 2030. This webinar will focus on how far existing ships can make the necessary environmental upgrades to remain competitive and therefore fundable, as new, better performing vessels enter the market.

Future fuels have justifiably been a big focus over recent months, but they aren’t likely to be an option for much of the current fleet as their supply chains still have some way to go before they can present a realistic alternative. The discussion will explore how clean technology has the potential to enable many ships to meet both the 2030 GHG targets and to respond to the other political and commercial drivers which could hit before then.

How can clean technology retrofit be funded?
How can the industry meet its decarbonisation challenges?

This webinar’s participants will be sharing their experiences of “retro thinking” and the importance of smart investment to mitigate climate and compliance risk.


Sean McLaughlin, Strategy Consultant, Houlder Ltd

Jonathan Strachan, New Build and Vessel Conversion Director, Houlder Ltd

Diane Gilpin, CEO, Smart Green Shipping

Kris Fumberger, Sustainability Manager, RightShip

Monique Giese, Partner, Global Head of Shipping, KPMG


Alisdair Pettigrew, Director, BLUE Communications