Our recently-announced partnership with the market leader in RoRo shipping and vehicle logistics, Wallenius Wilhelmsen, represents a watershed moment for shipping’s digitalisation. It marks a key milestone in the mass uptake of AI and its practical application via voyage optimisation as a crucial enabler of operational efficiencies.

As Wallenius Wilhelmsen embraces DeepSea’s AI-powered voyage optimisation tool, Pythia, as a key part of its decarbonisation strategy, it will transition to an entirely AI-based approach to voyage planning across its entire fleet. This landmark decision, the first of its kind globally, was made after a collaborative trial period over 18 months, involving rigorous step-by-step testing.

The numbers that ultimately came out of this lengthy trial period are significant.

Results included a 6.9% improvement in vessel efficiency, a predicted +1 CII index, and a predicted 170,000 tonne reduction in emissions across the fleet.

So, what are the learnings from this trial period that can be shared and applied to the rest of the shipping industry, as it transitions towards meeting its decarbonisation ambitions?

Join representatives from DeepSea Technologies to hear more directly from the team on Voyage optimisation for decarbonisation: 3 vital learnings for success. The conversation will lift the hood on this exciting process, forging a path for the rest of the industry to follow.
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    Konstantinos Kyriakopoulos
    Co-Founder, DeepSea Technologies
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    Angus Whiston
    Communications Director, DeepSea Technologies