Recorded Tue, April 7, 2020 4:00 pm (EDT)
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    Just like the crown jewel of the organization, The Empire State Building, Tony Malkin is one of the most recognizable names in New York City real estate. A pioneer in sustainable building, Malkin has lead the way in energy efficiency retrofits, creating a new standard for the office space. Empire State Realty Trust, lead by Tony is committed to advising the CRE community and New York City in both climate mobilization and innovation.

    Like many New Yorkers, Tony is no stranger to perseverance. Taking over as CEO in 1989, he has lead the organization through crises such as 9/11, The Great Recession, and economic dips in between.

    Today, amidst a global pandemic hitting New York extraordinary hard, the Empire State Building is honoring first responders, doctors, nurses and other medical employees by flashing red, like an ambulance siren.

    Malkin continues to lead from afar, showing that the Empire State Building has always served as a beacon of hope for the city when times are tough.

    Join Bisnow as we sit down with Tony Malkin, and Skanska USA's Chief Sustainability Officer, Elizabeth Heider, to discuss business strategies in a time of an economic downturn, the future of the office environment, and how the coronavirus is impacting decision making around another looming crisis (Climate Change).

    During this webinar we will discuss:

    -- How will the workplace be fundamentally altered by the coronavirus outbreak?

    -- Why sustainability does not cost more: solutions that are good for the environment as well as cost saving for high performance buildings

    -- Local Law 97: are we ready for it?

    -- How do the Covid-19 ramifications impact decision making on another looming crisis (climate change)? What can be done now?

    -- Lessons learned from previous market corrections and times of uncertainty in NY commercial real estate

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