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Recorded Thu, April 16, 2020 10:00 am (EDT)
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    Although you're stuck in your house, plenty of deals are still getting done and capital is looking to deploy.

    Even while some firms may have capital looking to deploy, the question becomes how are underwriters assessing the value of properties with such a limited amount of information.

    Owners anxiously await to see how many of their tenants are able to pay April rent. While many owners look at add months onto their tenants lease agreement, they'll need to look elsewhere for some cash flow.
  • Agenda
    • Early signs indicate a shutdown of commercial lending. Even while prior commitments are still being upheld, what impact will a lack of commercial lending have?
    • Can underwriters assess the quality of new deals at a time when numerous assets are closed and lacking the routine cash flows to accurately assess a property's value?
    • What asset classes do you look at being the safest and which do you think will recover fastest?
    • Occupancy rates are going to take a hit in the next lease up cycle, how will owners look to generate extra income?
    • Will we see an automatic return to robust liquidity and flexible markets when coronavirus crisis subsides, or will the capital markets remain fundamentally interrupted by this international crisis?
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