Recorded Thu, April 23, 2020 1:27 pm (EDT)
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    As New York City hunkers down the commercial real estate industry ponders what the industry will look like when this pandemic ends. It is clear that, at least for some time, how people move throughout spaces will be changed, and while many look forward to returning to work, the office market may need to pivot from the smaller footprint per employee direction it was heading in.

    Changes in design to lesson density, enhancements to air purification, and more frequent cleaning could all be the future of the office environment, as the way in which business is conducted will be changed.

    Silverstein Properties CEO Marty Burger has battled the coronavirus first hand. Marty tested positive for COVID-19 a day after closing a $510M refinance for 120 Broadway, a huge feat for anyone, even on their best day.

    Silverstein Properties is historically no stranger to a comeback. Founder Larry Silverstein purchased the Twin Towers only a few weeks before September 11th, 2001, and spent a little over a decade rebuilding the landmark World Trade Center following the tragic attacks.

    Join Bisnow as we sit down with Marty and Nuveen Managing Director and NY Regional Head of Office, (and previous Silverstein Properties team member) Nadir Settles to discuss the office outlook post-pandemic in the business epicenter of the world, leading teams from afar, why New York will bounce back, and what can be done now to protect a portfolio of valuable assets.

    During this webinar we will discuss:
    --How the office and business landscape could change post COVID-19.
    --What owners are doing to help tenants during a time of crisis.
    --Actionable steps to plan ahead now for the long term.
    --Lessons learned from previous downturns.
    --Why CRE leaders believe that New York City real estate will bounce back from this crisis, and how they think that recovery will happen.
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