Recorded Thu, April 2, 2020 2:00 pm (EDT)
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    Pacific Time (US & Canada) (GMT -7:00)
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    COVID-19 has swarmed the nation. Corporations and governments alike are responding to the crisis with restrictions on convening at the workplace, meetings and gatherings.

    We believe now, more than ever, that the business community is seeking a sense of connectivity - even if we cannot network in the same space - and that the sharing of information and content is essential to continue moving the industry forward.

    Unexpectedly, we all have found ourselves working from home for an indefinite period of time. An industry that has relied on face time for office hours, meetings and deals, is now faced with new challenges. While some sectors of the industry have had some experience managing remote teams or projects, others are entering an entirely new world.

    How Los Angeles' CRE leaders are managing their teams amidst the COVID-19 Crisis? Join Bisnow Los Angeles' first live webinar to strategize your team's quarantine.
  • Agenda
    • Without in-person time with your teams, how do you keep them engaged and motivated?
    • How can you manage pressing deadlines when you are not physically with your team?
    • When your team is not in an office together, tasks are bound to fall through the cracks- and at dire times. How do you keep this from happening?
    • Communication is key. Is there such a thing as over communicating when managing a remote team?
    • How do you keep your team focused on your mutual goals amidst a crisis?
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