Recorded Tue, May 5, 2020 2:29 pm (EDT)
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    Of the countless projects LA has in the pipeline, some of its most significant are the massive office and office-heavy mixed-use developments. While the office market is not seeing as immediate of a hit from the coronavirus as the hospitality and retail, almost, every office tenant is taking some kind of hit from the pandemic.

    While construction is considered an essential industry, operations are slowed by social distancing practices and supply chain limitations. Office development will surely move forward after restrictions around coronavirus are lifted, but at what pace? And will tenants be able to bounce back as quickly as supply needs them to?

    Join us as we assess the state of office construction in LA and strategize how to build a bright future for the market.

    During this webinar we will discuss:

    --What strategies are builders taking to efficiently execute projects amid coronavirus?

    --Are LA tenants moving forward with their start dates and TI plans?

    --How are LA's general contractors being impacted by supply chain limitations?

    --How is the coronavirus impacting zoning and entitlements in LA?

    --Will LA see a drop in office demand when we return to work?
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