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    The coronavirus has changed the way that properties are managed and secured. Many tenants don't know what it will take to transition back into units or how to protect themselves once they’re back inside. Property managers have reevaluate how to manage and operate properties now that there are new requirements for what it means to provide safe environments for tenants to live, work, play and transition into.

    In response, leading property managers have altered daily practices, while also innovating management techniques to proactively protect tenants today and down the pipeline. Join Bisnow on April 23 for an in-depth think tank with Karla King, director of EH&S & architecture and engineering of EBI consulting, Scott Richards, vice president of property management of Lincoln Property Company and moderator Wil Catlin, managing principal of Boston Realty Advisors to learn what's next for building managers during the pandemic and in the months to come.

    During this webinar we will discuss:

    -- The FDA has implemented strict cleaning requirements from materials used to crews selected. How are they being implemented and what challenges, if any, do they present?

    -- How do we select and verify cleaning crews?

    -- What are the primary concerns for tenants and how are they being addressed to ensure safety and a smooth return to the building?

    -- Where does the liability fall if tenants return to a building and someone contracts COVID-19?
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