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Arthropod Genomics: data, tools and online resources

March 7, 2019 at 11:00:00 AM · Bogota
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About This Webinar

Speaker: Gloria Isabel Giraldo-Calderón, PhD.
VectorBase Scientific Liaison/Outreach Manager

Arthropods are the largest and most diverse eukaryotic phylum, with more than a 1 million species. Today the number of whole arthropod genomes and transcriptomes sequenced is more than 360 and 1000 species, respectively, and the number of proteomes is growing every day; opening new questions and research possibilities. The variety of projects includes not only single species, but also clusters such us the 30 strains of Tetranychus urticae, the 1000 Anopheles gambiae, 200 hemipteroids, or the 5000 Daphnia genome projects. In addition to the huge quantity of data available, there are also many ‘free’ bioinformatic databases and tools, and some of these include or specialize in arthropods such as AphidBase, Apollo, BUSCO, hymenoptera genome database, i5k workspace@NAL, Lepbase, Panoptes, OrthoDB, EMBL-EBI, Ensembl metazoa, NCBI-GenBank, and VectorBase. In this webinar we will talk about all these topics, give an overview/demo of a few of the above mentioned online resources, and will discuss how you can use published or unpublished data, when you are, or are not, the data generator.

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