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ISCB RSG Turkey Student Symposium Keynote Speech by Dr. Jörg Menche

October 17, 2015 at 02:15:00 PM · Istanbul 122 views
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About This Webinar

Dr. Jörg Menche's keynote speech at ISCB-RSG Turkey Symposium, organised as a satellite meeting to HiBiT (Mugla / Turkey)

"Recent advances in disease gene identification and high-throughput mapping of physical interactions between gene products offer new opportunities to explore the role of molecular networks in human disease. Here we show that proteins associated with the same disease display a statistically significant tendency to agglomerate in the same neighborhood of the interactome, offering quantitative evidence for the existence of well-localized and potentially identifiable disease modules. Most important, we find that the network-based location of each disease module determines its pathobiological relationship to other diseases. For example, disease pairs with overlapping modules show significant co-expression patterns, symptom similarity, and comorbidity; those that reside in separated network neighborhoods are pathobiologically and clinically distinct. The proposed interactome-based framework offers systematic avenues to discover common molecular roots between clinically unrelated disease phenotypes even if they do not share disease genes, and helps identify the biological role of GWAS genes of small effect size and low genome-wide significance."


  • Computational Biology
  • Network medicine
  • Protein-protein interaction networks
  • Disease relationships
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