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Accessing Multi-omics Data for the Purposes of Tumour Profiling

About This Webinar

Speaker: Aashil A. Batavia
PhD Student – University Hospital Zurich & ETH Zurich

Cancers are a very complex and heterogeneous set of diseases and therefore, cancer research is by no means trivial. The greater our understanding of the molecular landscape of a particular tumour type the better equipped we will become to combat its growth and spread. Publicly available multi-omic datasets provide a valuable resource to further this understanding. These data sets are commonly used for the identification of novel areas of study, the validation of results and the benchmarking/assessment of novel statistical methods. The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) provides one such dataset with its repository consisting of 11,000 patients across 33 cancer types. This rich resource assists research on both a tumour specific and pan-cancer setting. In this webinar, I will introduce the various ways of accessing The Cancer Genome Atlas repository, navigating the multiple data types available and the tools I use for the multi-omics assessment (single and integrated) of my tumours of interest; renal cell carcinomas.

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