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About This Webinar

In this insightful webinar, we delve into the ever-evolving landscape of regulatory compliance, focusing on the most pressing challenges and emerging opportunities facing companies in the pharmaceutical sector. Our CEO, Dr Graeme Ladds, will guide attendees through the labyrinth of industry regulations, highlighting key areas where proactive strategies can turn regulatory challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation.

Key Points Covered
• Understanding Current Regulatory Frameworks
• Navigating Through Emerging Regulations
• Risk Management Strategies
• Leveraging Regulatory Changes for Competitive Advantage
• Best Practices for Achieving Regulatory Compliance
• Future Trends in Pharmaceutical Regulation

Target Audience
• Senior Company Executives (CEO;CFO; Compliance; CSO, Chief Medical Officer)
• Regulatory Affairs VP/Director/Managers and Compliance Officers
• Quality Assurance Professionals; Procurement
• Research and Development Personnel; Clinical Affairs
• Legal Advisors

  • Introduction to the Regulatory Landscape
  • Current Regulatory Frameworks
  • Managing Regulatory Changes
  • Compliance and Competitive Advantage
  • Looking Ahead – Future Regulatory Trends
  • Q & A
Language: English
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With a first degree in Biochemistry and Pharmacology, and a Ph.D. focusing on drug metabolism and Pharmacokinetics, Graeme has worked in the areas of Drug Safety and Medical services for over 30 years.

Working as a Head of Global Pharmacovigilance for a multi-national innovator Company and EU QP PV for several of the top ten Pharma Companies, large generic and smaller innovative Pharma, Graeme is the CEO and Owner of PharSafer® – a position held for the last 19 years – and he has taken many products from bench to clinical to post-marketing in many global markets; helping many small start-up Companies (Biotech, Advanced Therapy, Medical Device, Biologic, Generics, Herbal, OTC) in their planning and growth, due-diligence activities for product in-licensing and marketing, and development strategies with partner and distributor Companies.

Graeme has also been involved in many global audits (conducted) and inspections (taken part in) for clients and also database designs and development.
Webinar hosting presenter
Setting the Industry Standards
To ensure that PharSafer® provides all clients with quality Pharmacovigilance and Medical Information Services, we are committed to employing only the best people and applying the highest standards to our training across the company. This means that we deliver only the best possible level of both quality and service to our Clients.
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