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Introduction to Canva (Tuesday, April 18 @ 7pm)

April 18, 2017 at 07:45:00 PM · Central Time (US & Canada)
By BigBlueDesigns (5.0 stars · 3 reviews )
About This Webinar

Canva.com is a wonderful online graphic creation tool that is EASY TO USE and FREE! You can use Canva to make all kinds of things from slides to flyers to social media graphics and more.

This class will give you an introduction to using Canva and will also show some of the great features included in the Canva for Non-Profits/Canva for Work accounts as well.

Who can view: Everyone
Webinar Price: Free
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BigBlueDesigns webinar platform hosts Introduction to Canva (Tuesday, April 18 @ 7pm)
6 reviews
I use web and graphic design to help you reach more people, communicate clearly, and make great first impressions.
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Mark C
What kinds of graphics are you making with Canva? (Check all that apply). If you haven't made many yet, check the types of graphics you anticipate making as you get rolling.
Poll closed
  • Social media graphics
    3 votes - 37.50%
  • Website graphics
    2 votes - 25.00%
  • Flyers and/or brochures
    0 votes - 0.00%
  • Business cards
    1 votes - 12.50%
  • Posters
    2 votes - 25.00%
  • Other things you didn't list
    0 votes - 0.00%
Mark C
If you have used Canva before, do you use a personal Canva account or are you using a Canva For Work/Canva For Non-Profits account?
Poll closed
  • I use a personal Canva account
    2 votes - 100.00%
  • I use a Canva For Work/Canva For Non-Profits account
    0 votes - 0.00%
  • Stop teasing. I haven't used Canva yet!
    0 votes - 0.00%
Mark C
Have you used Canva before?
Poll closed
  • Yes, I have.
    2 votes - 66.67%
  • No, not yet.
    1 votes - 33.33%