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Nowhere to Hide: The Emerging Wellness Culture

About This Webinar

Many companies have taken the plunge into workplace wellness for their employees but true transformation must start at the top with leadership setting the example. As employees have disconnected with the traditional 9-5 in office existence, many are re-wiring the way they live and embracing a new way of thinking that prioritizes mental health and sustainable lifestyles making engaging and collaborative company culture a crucial element of work. According to LinkedIn’s 2022 Global Talent Trends report, there was a 147% increase of the word wellbeing in job postings since 2019. What really drives this change? On what do people base the changes they make or try to implement? Who and what guides them in the process of changing the "good ol' routines"? The Government? Business? Their families? Their own best wisdom? Or, perhaps a brand new industry is emerging within all industries? An industry which is intertwined in everything that involves people. This yet unnamed industry I call N.E.X.T. You might ask "What is N.E.X.T."? Join us to find out what the Never Examined Xenagogue Transformation is!

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Webinar hosting presenter
President, Modern Age Warriors
For the past three decades, Csaba has been a successful coach to world-class athletes
and teams, business leaders, and companies, severely injured individuals, and
thousands of people aiming to better their lives. As a trained storyteller, he is a sought-
after speaker on many subjects pertaining to the human condition. 
In addition to Csaba’s education in kinesthesiology, psychological counseling, nutrition,
and many different fields regarding the human condition, his coaching process is rooted
in a very diverse background. 
His business advising process has greatly benefited from the education he received
from the University of Economics and Business in Budapest and Vienna. 
His storytelling prowess has stemmed from his successful artistic career as a lead
performer in feature and documentary films, off-Broadway productions, TV, and
advertising campaigns. 
 Perhaps most importantly, Csaba also “walks the walk” as a holistic coach by
incorporating art, science, ancient traditions, and business into all his endeavors. A
loving father and husband, he resides in Los Angeles with his wife and five children.
Webinar hosting presenter Kelly K
CEO + Founder, BeautyMatter
Kelly Kovack is the CEO and Founder of BeautyMatter, a noted beauty authority, brand advisor and strategist. She began her career in beauty as one of the original executive team members at Bliss, taking on the way women bought beauty as the Managing Director of the Bliss Catalog. This venture fundamentally changed the way beauty products were merchandised, distributed and marketed to consumers leading the acquisition of Bliss by LVMH. As Vice President of Marketing for Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare, she was at the forefront of defining the cosmeceutical category. Kelly also founded consultancy group Purpose Built, providing concept to counter solutions and strategic advisement for startups to Fortune 500 brand and everything in between. In addition, she's also built her own brands, most recently award-winning fragrance brand, Odin, which was co-founded in collaboration with the men's fashion brand. Kelly is the “lens” of BeautyMatter providing a fresh voice to the beauty industry with highly curated news and original content.
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