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Tapping Into The Explosive Growth Of Personalization

Thu, Aug 4, 2022 · 2:00 PM · Eastern Time (US & Canada)
About This Webinar

Consumers are bombarded daily by new products, brands, and ideas, making the customer journey more complex than ever. The consumer desire for personalized products is not new, and technology is finally making it possible raising the bar for brands and retailers. Not all personalization is created the same. It’s a concept that gets thrown around a lot, standing for everything from my name on a bottle to quiz-based curation of a few pre-made SKUs from inventory. Consumers are demanding more than “made for you” marketing speak. Learn from founders that are delivering on this expectation treating each customer as an individual, not just a transaction.

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Featured Presenters
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Head of Branding
With a degree in English and Creative Writing, Caitlin has extensive skills in PR, copy writing, raising brand awareness and developing corporate partnerships. Caitlin has 8 years experience working in start-ups alongside CEO and Founder of Rem3dy Health, Melissa Snover, where they have launched a truly personalized consumer product to the market through the development of disruptive 3D printing technology.
Webinar hosting presenter
Founder and CEO, Bubble
Bubble Skincare CEO and founder Shai Eisenman at 30 years old is already one of the world’s foremost Gen Z consumer experts. Bubble was born when Shai saw a massive gap in the market for a modern skincare brand specifically targeted to Gen Z consumers’ needs. She was surprised to discover that the most digitally sophisticated and globally connected generation ever was still using the exact same traditional skincare products that their mothers had purchased in drugstores decades ago. Bubble’s passionate community of Gen Z consumers led Shai to develop formulations that are both accessibly priced and incredibly effective. This winning combination has turned Bubble into one of the fastest growing skincare lines ever, evolving from a DTC-only brand at launch two years ago to disrupting the shelves of 3900 Walmart stores and 4100 CVS stores nationwide today.
Webinar hosting presenter
Founder and CEO, Nourished
Melissa Snover is an award-winning entrepreneur and visionary in the world of food technology and 3D printing. She is passionate about developing innovations which offer solutions to her customers, challenge her competitors, and disrupt current market offerings. She is currently the founder and CEO of Rem3dy Health which pioneers personalized solutions across preventative and curative health under the brands Nourished (Personalised Nutrition) and Scripted (Personalised Medicine).
In 2019 Melissa raised the highest ever female founder seed round in UK history for Rem3dy and is an ambassador for women’s equal access to finance. She is an avid supporter and mentor; supporting young people of all backgrounds to begin studying in STEM fields and is a passionate and proactive advocate for women in business.
Webinar hosting presenter Ming z
Co-founder and CEO, Proven
Ming Zhao is the co-founder and CEO of PROVEN, the expert in personalized skincare.

At the age of 12, with no understanding of English, Ming immigrated from China to the United States. Within three years of her arrival, she achieved a perfect score on her verbal SATs.

Ming began her career as a Strategy Consultant at Boston Consulting Group, where she advised Fortune 500 companies on their strategy, operations and distribution. She spent several years as a private equity investor at Bain Capital, where she specialized in investments in consumer, technology, and biotech companies globally. After, she was a fund of hedge funds investor at the Pacific Alternative Asset Management Company (PAAMCO), before building and leading the partnerships team at NerdWallet. She was rated by NPS as one of the best managers at NerdWallet.

In 2017, Ming joined forces with Dr. Amy Yuan to found PROVEN.

Ming earned an MBA from Harvard Business School and is a third-generation entrepreneur.
Webinar hosting presenter Kelly K
CEO + Founder, BeautyMatter
Kelly Kovack is the CEO and Founder of BeautyMatter, a noted beauty authority, brand advisor and strategist. She began her career in beauty as one of the original executive team members at Bliss, taking on the way women bought beauty as the Managing Director of the Bliss Catalog. This venture fundamentally changed the way beauty products were merchandised, distributed and marketed to consumers leading the acquisition of Bliss by LVMH. As Vice President of Marketing for Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare, she was at the forefront of defining the cosmeceutical category. Kelly also founded consultancy group Purpose Built, providing concept to counter solutions and strategic advisement for startups to Fortune 500 brand and everything in between. In addition, she's also built her own brands, most recently award-winning fragrance brand, Odin, which was co-founded in collaboration with the men's fashion brand. Kelly is the “lens” of BeautyMatter providing a fresh voice to the beauty industry with highly curated news and original content.
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