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Recycling Deep Dive: Separating Fact from Fiction

Thu, Jul 22, 2021 · 2:00 PM · Eastern Time (US & Canada)
About This Webinar

We all know the numbers. We’ve seen the images. The plastic problem is wreaking havoc on our planet. Recycling and composting plastics are crucial elements of the circular economy, but the term “recyclable” itself is ambiguous and is contingent upon multiple aspects of packaging, local infrastructure, and the existence of end markets for recycled material. Just because a package is recyclable doesn’t mean it actually gets recycled. Take a deep dive into recycling with experts that can separate fact from fiction.

We'll Discuss:
- Understanding the current recycling infrastructure
- Greenwashing and the responsibility of brands
- Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) schemes
- PACT non-profit beauty recycling program

Our Presenters:
- Mia Davis, Co-Founder at Pact Collective and VP, Sustainability & Impact at Credo
- Victor Casale, Co-Founder & CEO of MOB Beauty

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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter
Co-Founder & CEO, MOB Beauty
Victor began his career as Chief Chemist and Managing Director at MAC Cosmetics, Ltd. from the brand’s inception in 1984. At MAC he gained a reputation as a world-renowned product innovator known for formulating industry icons such as Studio Fix and a portfolio of pro-quality products used by make-up artists worldwide.

In 2000, Victor co-founded Cover FX and supported the development of the brand as Chief Innovation Officer where he was an early pioneer in the vegan and clean beauty movement and created products free from irritants and ingredients that could be potentially harmful.

In 2021, Victor and a team of industry veterans co-founded MOB Beauty with a mission to offer pro-quality, clean and vegan color cosmetics in refillable and sustainable packaging solutions. Victor currently serves as the CEO of MOB Beauty.

In addition to his work with MOB, Victor also co-founded Pure Culture Beauty in 2020, a next generation personalized skin care brand. Victor’s most recent launch, however, was on Earth Day 2021 with the launch of the Pact Collective. Victor partnered with Credo and other eco-conscious beauty industry leaders to launch Pact, a program for hard to recycle beauty packaging that takes responsibility for the beauty industry’s impact on the planet. Pact is focused on building more sustainable packaging solutions, and MOB Beauty will be piloting a mail back component for Pact in July 2021.
Webinar hosting presenter
Co-Founder, Pact Collective & VP of Sustainability & Impact, Credo
Mia began her career in the environmental health movement. She worked on market-based campaigns focusing on industries and companies that needed cleaning up. In 2007, Mia became the Organizing Director at the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, a coalition of health and consumer-rights organizations working to get toxic chemicals out of baby shampoo, skincare, and makeup.

In 2012, Mia joined the founding team at the safer beauty company Beautycounter. As their Head of Environment, Health & Safety, she established their chemical policy and their environmental health education program. In 2017, Mia joined the Credo team as Director of Mission because of the company’s dedication to take clean beauty to the next level by sharing information and creating demand for cleaner materials.
Webinar hosting presenter Kelly K
CEO + Founder, BeautyMatter
Kelly Kovack is the CEO and Founder of BeautyMatter, a noted beauty authority, brand advisor and strategist. She began her career in beauty as one of the original executive team members at Bliss, taking on the way women bought beauty as the Managing Director of the Bliss Catalog. This venture fundamentally changed the way beauty products were merchandised, distributed and marketed to consumers leading the acquisition of Bliss by LVMH. As Vice President of Marketing for Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare, she was at the forefront of defining the cosmeceutical category. Kelly also founded consultancy group Purpose Built, providing concept to counter solutions and strategic advisement for startups to Fortune 500 brand and everything in between. In addition, she's also built her own brands, most recently award-winning fragrance brand, Odin, which was co-founded in collaboration with the men's fashion brand. Kelly is the “lens” of BeautyMatter providing a fresh voice to the beauty industry with highly curated news and original content.
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