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[Recording] Understanding Your Business Finances and Performance

About This Webinar

Discover the basic financial knowledge and skills you need to manage your business’ finances and make sound decisions to guide your company’s growth:

*Learn how to stay on top of your records and bookkeeping tasks
*Learn how to identify, understand and monitor key numbers for your business, tactics of effective tax strategies


Learn how your business is performing by having a clear understanding of your financial statements:

*How’s the business doing?
*What does my P&L and balance sheet tell me?
*Where is my cash coming from and going to?


Learn how to review the profitability of various areas of your business such as individual products or services, different contracts, products etc:

*What’s my most profitable service?
*Who are my most profitable customers?
*How do my profits compare to the industry?
*What’s the trend and forecast in my profits?
*Understanding your revenue/expense ratios
*Setting realistic revenue goals

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Managing Director at Kara Business Solutions Inc & PNL Accounting Services Ltd
Kara Business Solutions supports small businesses, home-based businesses and peoples' personal taxes at an affordable price. Kara Business offers convenient, accurate, and affordable preparation of all types of tax returns. They believe in going beyond the reports to help you understand the numbers. www.karabusiness.com
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