When you have to search through hundreds of different types of digital evidence, it can be challenging to find connections in the data. Using the seized media from the Bin Laden raid as an example, we'll discuss how you can correlate data across different devices, and how this information can be used to create a timeline of events for your investigation.
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    Kevin DeLong
    Founder, The Cyber Social Hub
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    Dave Ryberg
    Sales Director, Truxton Forensics
    Dave Ryberg is the Truxton Sales Director for Probity Inc. His responsibilities include the marketing, sales, and training of Truxton Forensic Software. Before joining Probity in June of 2016, he was President and CEO of GPS Outfitters, a company that specialized in custom GPS solutions for defense contractors, national fleets, and the sporting goods markets. An expert in GPS, antenna, and tracking systems, Mr. Ryberg holds a Master’s Certificate in Integrated Marketing Communications form West Virginia University, a BS in Journalism from the University of Maryland, and Teacher’s Certificate in Marketing and Business Administration.
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    Sam Blackburn
    Chief Developer, Truxton Forensics
    Mr. Samuel Blackburn has over 30 years of experience in the Intelligence Community. Six years in the USAF, 13 years at National Security Agency and the remainder at Central Intelligence Agency. He began his career in radio communications analysis and jamming, then transitioned to software development. He has expertise in real-time equipment control, counterintelligence, satellite communications, quick reaction capability (QRC) development, support to military operations and large scale (petabytes) digital forensics in the government and commercial markets. Mr. Blackburn was a founding/chief developer of the current GOTS forensics platform, and the Chief developer of Truxton, an automated/scalable COTS forensics platform.