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    Matthew Hall
    Director of Marketing & Admissions
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    Eromie Dassanayake
    Acting Head of Early Years
    Eromie’s teaching career spans an outstanding 22 years. Her professional journey commenced in Sri Lanka and continued across countries and continents. This international experience has enriched Eromie’s teaching practice and emphasized the importance of being a global citizen. She considers it a privilege to be a steward for children’s rights, be it the right to play, the right to free expression, or the right to find the kind of learning that personally excites and motivates children. She appreciates being part of their learning journeys and inspiring their growth in all developmental domains.

    Eromie has previously held a Deputy Head of Early Years position, and has worked extensively in developing a holistic curriculum that supports the learning and wellbeing of all learners. There are three key concepts that permeate all aspects of curriculum and life at the Early Learning Village; Love, Care and Respect. Care and respect are evident in Eromie’s interactions with young learners and their families. The element of love comes through her passion for play-based learning. The central tenet of learning through play is bringing together the different spheres of children’s life – home, school and community and wider world so that there is continuity and connectivity of learning over time and across different contexts. Eromie holds a Bachelor of Childhood Studies, Guidance and Counselling Degree from the Northumbria University in the UK and a Masters of Early Childhood Education from Monash University.

    Eromie moved to Singapore seven years ago with her husband Indika and her son Thane. Currently, Thane is a first year student at the University of Melbourne. She likes travelling, cooking and spending time with her family.