Perfect for: MAT central teams

Join Hilary Aylesworth, Head of Product, and Stephen Higgins, Product Lead, for this exclusive run through the brand new tool set in Arbor’s Group MIS - the only true MIS for MAT central teams.

Hilary and Stephen will walk you through our new releases, including:

- Assessment policy pushdown: Standardise the way you manage assessments across your MAT with our new framework, targets, and policy pushdown tool

- Centralised emailing: Contact staff and parents at schools across your trust from one, central platform

- Essential HR features: Manage staff in your central from Arbor - including Staff Profiles, contracts, and absence

- Roll out user-defined fields: Want all your schools to report on something in the same way? Our new UDF feature makes it a breeze

New homepage: Helping you get where you need to quicker

They’ll end with time for Q&A, so you know how to get started with our new tools.
Thu, Dec 2, 2021 · 11:00 AM London (GMT 0:00)
Anna Christie
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Daniel Barlow
Key Account Manager
Stephen Higgins
Lead Product Manager
Hilary Aylesworth
Head of Product