An Arbor customer-only event, perfect for trust central teams

Arbor MIS is designed hand-in-hand with you. This series of Feedback Forums connects you directly with our Product team, where you can share your ideas and opinions to help shape and improve our MIS.

Led by Stephen Higgins, Arbor’s Lead Product Manager, and Sophia Krage, Product Manager, this guided feedback forum will be focused around how Arbor can support both the strategic planning and the day-to-day of Teaching and Learning at your MAT.

On Strategic planning, we’ll discuss areas such as:
- How Arbor can help with curriculum planning
- How we could improve identifying and reporting on student progress to make it as easy and effective as possible

On teaching and learning, we’ll discuss areas such as:
- How to work together better through central teaching and learning staff working with different schools
- Best practice for managing supply teachers

There will also be an opportunity to share your ideas on how we should be prioritising our Summer Roadmap and what we should work on next.

We’ll also explain how you can contribute to our Roadmap at different times of the year, and where your feedback goes after this session.
Thursday March 18, 2021, starting at 4:00 PM GMT
Sophia Krage
Product Manager
Daniel Giardiello
Partnership Team Leader
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