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Case Management Studio: The Secret to Fast, Flexible Apps for Enterprise Casework (EMEA)

About This Webinar

From service requests to employee onboarding to regulatory compliance, case management processes are a critical part of business operations. And in a digital-first world, dated methods for managing casework simply can’t keep up.
Join us for a discussion on how a modern approach to building case management apps can help. We’ll cover:

Why a modular architecture reduces the strain on developer resources and empowers business users to adapt to the dynamic nature of casework.

How to rapidly develop enterprise apps for complex casework with Appian Case Management Studio.

How 3E, a leading intelligent compliance solutions company, is using Case Management Studio to improve the efficiency oftheir operations team, processes, and customer interactions.


Dylan Fulmer
Senior Director Product, Internal Applications, 3E

Aidan Reilly
Product Lead, Case Management, Appian

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Product Lead, Case Management, Appian
Webinar hosting presenter
Senior Director Product, Internal Applications, 3E