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Meditations for the Animals - Day 1

About This Webinar

This is the first of seven days of meditating for the animals. Wynter invites you to take around twenty minutes, each day to allow yourself to spend this time with the animals and Nature: Being, Loving, Transforming, Experiencing- for yourself and for the animals.

Each day focuses on a different theme, each of which is meaningful and transformative, connecting you deeply with the one-ness of all beings, sharing support and love.

You are encouraged to do these meditations each day in sequence, and then after the full seven days, all the meditations will be available for you to experience in whichever order you choose. If you do not already have a daily sacred practice, this can be a start. If you do practice meditation daily, try incorporating these mediations into your sacred practice.

At the end of the meditation, please feel free to comment on this page, sharing your experiences with others and what this means to you.

An Introduction to Heart Energy.

The first step in connecting and communicating with all beings is to experience the energy and the feeling of absolute,unconditional love. In this, the first of the seven days of Meditations for the Animals, Wynter leads you into the heart space. You are guided into consciously sending and receiving the vital energy of unconditional love, through which all connection and communication flows.

Allow yourself this beautiful time to experience the feeling of total love for the unique being that is you, and to experience the uniqueness of you in touch with the natural world again.

Thank you to Safaya Salter for her influence here of the "heart breathing" which she teaches.

Also a big thank you to TriSha Bailey for the editing and music.

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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter Wynter Worsthorne
Core Facilitator and Founder of Animaltalk Africa
Wynter is based in Cape Town and has been practicing as a Professional Animal Communicator since 2002. She is the author of "Where is Biggles?" and teaches introduction and advanced workshops internationally. Her deep love is for African Wildlife. She works closely with Baboon Matters Trust and the Global White Lion Protection Trust who she supports through the global meditations and prayers, right here on Big Marker. She is one of the few people invited to facilitate groups at Tsau Conservancy in South Africa where the rare and sacred White Lions roam free in a protected area of their endemic homeland.
In 2010 she founded AnimalTalk Africa's online Academy, which has developed into a wonderful like-minded community of people learning how to communicate with the animals.
To learn more about her work please visit www.animaltalkafrica.co.za
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James Clarke MacLean
Thank you so much again for being an instrument in these connection meditations. They have really helped me return to a more excellent place in my faith... again... the escense of being able to contact all life is being explored here! What great gifts!
Beth Redwood
Thank you, Wynter, for this beautiful meditation. I am wondering why, when you mentioned the different groups of animals we were sending love to, when you came to "domesticated" animals (after "wild" animals) you added "pets" which seemed to intentionally leave out farmed animals -- cows, pigs, goats, sheep, turkeys, chickens. I am hoping that those animals were meant to be included in our loving meditation even though they are not traditionally considered pets. Thank you for clarifying. Peace.
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