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Introduction to Animal Communication - Part 1

October 3, 2017 at 01:00:00 PM · Berlin
By Animaltalk Africa (4.7 stars · 11 reviews )
About This Webinar

This is the first of a two part on-line workshop for those wishing to learn how to begin to listen to the animals, and communicate with them effectively. Participating in these two webinars is a requirement for those wishing to attend the upcoming "deepening yours skills" Interspecies communication retreat in Wales.

Wynter and Safaya explain the concept of intuitive interspecies communication and how it works. You will be doing practical exercises in order to still your mind, open your heart and experience how you are able to communicate with all animals.

At the end of Part 1, you will be given "homework" to prepare for Part 2.

Please note that this webinar is not the equivalent to the Animaltalk Africa On-line Academy's Introduction Course, however it will give you a taste of what is possible, and prepare you for further work in this field.

  • In the beginning....
  • Energy frequencies
  • How to send messages to animals so that they understand clearly
  • How to receive clear and concise messages from the animals
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Webinar Price: $35.00
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Core Facilitator and Founder of Animaltalk Africa
Wynter is based in Cape Town and has been practicing as a Professional Animal Communicator since 2002. She is the author of "Where is Biggles?" and teaches introduction and advanced workshops internationally. Wynter is a trustee of Baboon Matters...
Safaya is a professional animal communicator and also works as an energy psychologist for humans. She works closely with Wynter in the Animaltalk Africa On-line Academy, helping students to overcome blockages and guiding them in achieving their...
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Monique pipper
I am super excited to undertake this course! Just waiting for the recorded version to be uploaded as the time difference made it a bit too early for me!
Monique pipper
Hi Wynter & Safaya,
Thank you for the presentation webinar. It was very interesting, informative and helpful. Could you please answer my question relating to heart breathing. Is this a state that you would aim to stay in all the time, or only when you are intending to connect with animals and nature or meditate?
Kind Regards,
Janine Opheim
On Behalf of Safaya:-

Thank you for this question Monique,

Heart breathing produces a state of coherence where we are at the height of peaceful readiness. It’s also the state we’re in when we’re ‘in the zone,’ a term often used in sports and performance to indicate an absolute connection with a relevant action. It enables the heart to entrain all our organs and the brain to its own frequency and vibration. For example when Tiger Woods was at his height of his golfing profession this is what he used to fine tune his concentration.

Have a look at my website page here http://www.mindbodywisdom.co.uk/how-to-get-into-the-zone-with-heartmath.html which explains the essentials and should have links to articles on the subject. So you can see that the more you train yourself to be in this state the more effective in any sphere you’ll be. The Institute of HeartMath has a massive amount of information on the subject so do visit their website to explore further. Also the more you practice this the easier it is to attain. Unlike meditation you can do it anywhere and while doing anything - as long as you keep your eyes open! It does take practice, but practicing for five, ten, and eventually fifteen or so minutes each day will enable you to drop into this at will in any situation.

Personally I use it anywhere I need to prepare for either a session, webinar, becoming more peaceful, communication, teaching and all the time with horses, where I need to be calm and centred. This can be a challenge with frightened horses but it is a great help and they relax in that support and even lie down on some occasions. Horses themselves are probably the best example of how this works as they are naturally more in this state all the time, which is why they are the fastest reacting of all our domestic animals. In my everyday life and with the work I do, I know I’m in deeply when I’m no longer aware of myself but totally at one with what I’m doing. It also has great health benefits, so yes, I would say train yourself to glide easily into this state whenever you can and feel the benefits on many levels.
Monique pipper
Thank you Safaya.
Laura Zonia
This webinar was so wonderful, and I am grateful to Wynter and Safaya for sharing their knowledge and gifts with us. I would like to sign up for part 2, but can't find where it is. Could you please provide a link for the Introduction to Animal Communication Part 2 webinar? Thank you so much!
Laura Zonia
Thank you so much, Janine!