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Global Meditation and Prayer for Lions

November 4, 2019 at 07:00:00 PM · Pretoria
About This Webinar

Dear Lion-hearted Friends

Issues around Lions in South Africa have heightened, and once more we call on you to assist in lending your prayers and heart energy to help all Lions gain their freedom to help restore balance to the eco-systems, as only the apex predators can do.

Our past Global Prayers for the Freedom of Lions have been incredibly effective in shifting Parliamentary decisions around the captive Lion breeding and lion bone industry in South Africa. We are once more facing challenges with human laws working against the laws of Nature.

Please join Wynter and Linda for an update on the current situation as we pray for the future of South Africa's Lions.

This is a further urgent call, as everything ramps up around the future of wildlife.

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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter Wynter Worsthorne
Core Facilitator and Founder of Animaltalk Africa
Wynter is based in Cape Town and has been practicing as a Professional Animal Communicator since 2002. She is the author of "Where is Biggles?" and teaches introduction and advanced workshops internationally. Her deep love is for African Wildlife. She works closely with Baboon Matters Trust and the Global White Lion Protection Trust who she supports through the global meditations and prayers, right here on Big Marker. She is one of the few people invited to facilitate groups at Tsau Conservancy in South Africa where the rare and sacred White Lions roam free in a protected area of their endemic homeland.
In 2010 she founded AnimalTalk Africa's online Academy, which has developed into a wonderful like-minded community of people learning how to communicate with the animals.
To learn more about her work please visit www.animaltalkafrica.co.za
Webinar hosting presenter
CEO of Global White Lion Protection Trust
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Magi Whisson
Thank you dear lion hearts. I have just linked via the recording. We are holding heart full intention with all from Australia. All blessings. xxx
Linda McCabe
I was unable to attend the live prayer and just listened to the replay. So powerful. I appreciated the updates and will hold the Heartlands, Jason, CITES and the meetings in Jerusalem in prayer. I pray for the end of bondage for all animals and humans - all of nature. Much gratitude for the unfolding good.
Hello I wasn't able to attend but I'm holding my prayers and thoughts for the best outcome for our dear lions.
Jo Khimba
Hi Wynter, so sorry I wasn't with you live, but have listened to the recording. I will meditate over the next several days and hold you all - Linda, Jason and the lions particularly - in love and light to pray for the highest outcome possible on the 6th.
I also want to tell you, for what it's worth, during the recent rebellion in London which Stop Ecocide supported, I spoke to crowds of people in Trafalgar Square about the lions and Linda. I do hope it registered with some of them there! The lions were present in symbolic form around Nelson's Column which was why I felt bound to speak up about the canned lion and lion bone industry atrocity ... I hold you in my heart always ... xxxx
Gilly Case
Hi - is the webinar at 5pm UK or 7pm? I think the first email said 7pm though could have got that wrong. Hope it is 7pm so I can listen live Gilly
Janine Opheim
Hi Gilly, the webinar is at 5pm uk time, 7pm South Africa time.
Heidi Handsaker
Ahh, I woke up to attend the Prayer Circle, and then realized my clocks were set at different hours, for daylight savings time ~~ I was so Divinely Inspired to be here! ~~ It's alright, I know the recording can give my prayers, but I have always been here with the Live Prayer in the past! ~~ Blessings To You All, for being here for the Lions and our whole Earth...
Pamela Engelander
Sorry Wynter. I entered wrong email :
Correct one is
Wynter Worsthorne
Hi Pamela. I think you may need to reregister- we cannot edit the registrations this side. Thank you.
In terms of the recent, heightened challenges that presently exist for our Sacred Lions, as well as the human laws which are continuing to work against the laws of nature; would it help to forward the updated information on recent events to other 'like-minded' individuals and organizations, who may not be aware of the updated situation?
Wynter Worsthorne
Thank you for this Jane. Yes, I am sure it would.