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Sustainability in Aviation (Part 1) – Meeting Current Environmental Challenges

About This Webinar

The aviation industry has been in the spotlight for its adverse impact on the environment, despite huge strides being made to reduce the environmental impact of aircraft and engines.

Globally, aviation produced 2.4% of total carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in 2018. While this may seem like a relatively small amount, consider that if aviation was a country, it would rank 6th in the world between Japan and Germany in terms of total CO2 emissions. Non-CO2 effects, such as warming induced by aircraft contrails and other pollutants, bring aviation’s combined total contribution to global warming to approximately 5%.

The Coronavirus Pandemic has shone a bigger spotlight on the sector to be more 'green', with much government financial support linked to environmental change. Decarbonizing aviation will take longer than other industries — new planes sold today will likely still be in operation in 2050 — that 5% of global emissions attributed to aviation is expected to grow to roughly 25% by 2050.

How do we deliver a more sustainable aviation industry:

- What are technical capabilities for environmental challenges, how do we decrease emissions and what is the CO2 limitation challenge?

- How can Fuel Efficiency IT systems and Innovations for Decarbonising contrails contribute towards sustainable aviation?

- What is the impact of the technology environment (at different stages of flight. eg. TBO/4D Trajectory)?

Join us for this exciting webinar that will discuss these challenges for flight operations in the aerospace sector.

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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter Jacques Gatard
CEO, OcBizDev
Jacques Gatard is an experienced Aerospace Engineer, CEO of OcBizDev, a consultancy company based near Toulouse, France.
He has graduated to the MSc in Physics/Acoustics from CNAM Paris and the Aerospace MBA from Toulouse Business School
His 30+ years long aerospace career started with ONERA, working in different domains (aeroacoustics, wind tunnels, sales department) until 2011. Since then, Jacques has worked for different companies in the Avionics and Fintech domains as sales manager and VP sales.
During his career, he has been in charge of projects in many different domains, covering materials and structures, aerodynamics, optics and electromagnetism, thermodynamics and propulsion, embedded systems, AI/ML and avionics among others, from R&T to B2B sales.
Webinar hosting presenter
CEO, StorkJet
Renata leads an amazing startup which is a pioneer in utilizing AI within Aircraft Performance Monitoring and Fuel efficiency. Her adventure in aviation started by programming her own QAR raw data reader and analytics tool. Renata holds a master’s degree from AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow in software engineering and MBA at the Cracow University of Economics
Webinar hosting presenter
Partner & CCO, Safety Line
Aviation sales executive with a passion for developing new markets, François Chazelle went from selling consultancy services for Bureau Veritas 26 years ago to managing worldwide Corporate Jet sales at Airbus. He then delved in aircraft finance for a couple of years before joining Safety Line in 2016 as Partner and CCO, fully embracing the agility and drive to innovate that is typical to start ups. François holds a degree in Aerospace Engineering from ENAC, the French Civil Aviation School.
Webinar hosting presenter
VP Marketing & Sales, OpenAirlines
With a master’s degree in Management from ESSEC Business School in France, and a 25-year background in the Digital Industry in High-Tech environments driven by innovation, Stéphane joined OpenAirlines in 2018 to bring his deep experience in Marketing and Business Development.

Stéphane has always been driven by disruptive innovation environments. The Aircraft industry is facing huge challenges: tremendous forecast growth of the traffic, Fuel price soaring (+30% in 1 year), highly competitive pressure, concern for sustainable development, Digital transformation. In that context, Stephane’s experience in agile business management methods focused on customer needs to help them address disruptions properly process is key.
Webinar hosting presenter
Founder and CEO, SATAVIA
Dr. Adam Durant is Founder and CEO of SATAVIA – making aviation smarter and greener.

Prior to founding SATAVIA, Dr. Durant worked as a professional scientist at the University of Cambridge and the Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU). Dr. Durant has authored >35 scientific papers in atmospheric science, including a landmark paper on carbon emissions in 2009, and was previously involved in a start-up working with EasyJet and AIRBUS to facilitate volcanic ash-cloud avoidance.

Dr. Durant has won over £3.5m grant funding for SATAVIA since 2015 from Innovate UK, Aerospace Technology Institute, and the European Space Agency. He also closed a Pre-Series A round of £1m in January 2020.
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