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Cybersecurity in Aerospace: How secure is it in relation to Infrastructure, Avionics, Connectivity, CNS,Data

About This Webinar

During the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been another pandemic - that of cyber attacks on infrastructure. Cyber attacks, in particular the energy/oil and gas sector, such as the Ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline, are become increasingly popular as a weapon of choice by hackers and cyber terrorists. Despite these having huge impacts on critical infrastructure and the broader economic well-being of the population, it isn’t perhaps quite as life threatening as such an attack on the aerospace infrastructure, or an airplane.

How secure is the aerospace infrastructure and how are we building in security and resilience?

What systems and solutions are available to mitigate such attacks during the design and manufacture stage of aircraft?

Join us for this exciting and interesting discussion ofrom a great panel of experts, who share their thoughts on the current state and future requirements of cybersecurity in aerospace.

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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter
ATM-CNS Security Expert (Air Traffic Management - Communications, Navigation, Surveillance), EUROCONTROL
Timo joined EUROCONTROL in May 2011 after 20 years of service in the German Armed Forces. His responsibilities in the past 10 years included:

• providing general ATM-CNS support to all 41 EUROCONTROL Member States
• coordinating civil-military and military-military ATM issues with the European Union (EU) and the SESAR Joint Undertaking (SJU) as part of the EUROCONTROL support to the implementation of the SES (Single European Sky) and its ATM Research programme SESAR
• contributing to ATM/CNS regulatory work with focus on the harmonisation of procedures and the interoperability of systems as a prerequisite to enhancing the performance and efficiency of the European ATM Network
• managing the ATM threat and risk assessments in the context of the NEASCOG (NATO EUROCONTROL ATM Security Coordinating Group)
• supporting Member States, the EU and the SJU in enhancing the ATM and Airspace Security of the European ATM Network, in particular with regard to the risk assessment Network.

During his time in the German Military he was assigned to NATO Air Field Neuburg a. d. Donau as ATS Technical Officer where he was responsible for the technical operations at the airfield including the CNS and IT personnel, the security of the different sites of the main airbase including the access control at all sites.

During his international assignment in NATO he was appointed Head of the Technical Training Section for Radar Maintenance Personnel of NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen and as such responsible for the selection of candidates for instructor upgrade training and the training of multinational personnel on the modified radar system on board the NATO AWACS fleet. This training includes the theory and practice of Electronic Warfare (EW) and Electronic Counter-Countermeasures (ECCM). He developed training modules and internal qualification standards for the component technicians. He was entrusted with the identification and solving of hard- and software problems with a view to improving the aircrew operational training. He provided written advice to the head of training.
Webinar hosting presenter
Chief WHO (White Hat Officer) & Manager, AFuzion-InfoSec Cyber-Security
Aharon David brings decades of experience in aviation, security, and safety-critical software to manage AFuzion Infosec’s cyber-security activities including training, gap analysis, threat/risk evaluations and compliance to security standards including DO-326A, ED-202A, et al. Former Israel Defense Force / Air Force software/systems manager. “We use the White-Hat to prevent the Black-Hat”.
Webinar hosting presenter
Founder and CEO, CyberInflight
Florent Rizzo has been working in the aerospace industry for the last 16 years. Starting his career as an avionic software engineer, he has a significant experience in critical software development and he completed several missions for major OEMs and ANSPs. He also worked as an aerospace consultant with major European airlines to help them pick the right inflight connectivity solution.

Combining his passions for aerospace and cybersecurity, Florent Rizzo founded CyberInflight in 2019 when he realized through his experience that the aerospace market needed to reexamine its posture regarding the future cyber-challenges this industry will be facing. CyberInflight contributes to raise global cybersecurity awareness of the aerospace ecosystem, providing them with unique and thorough market intelligence solutions.
Webinar hosting presenter
Sr Director, Electronic Warfare and Cybersecurity, Honeywell Connected Aerospace - Defense
Webinar hosting presenter
President & CEO, Aviation I-SAC
Over the past four years, Jeff has led the development of the A-ISAC strategic plan, driven the team’s expansion of services, and overseen extensive growth in membership. He established relationships with global regulators, industry associations, and private sector companies to drive cyber risk reduction across the aviation eco-system. He co-authored a white paper on Ransomware and continues to partner with international groups on the ransomware threat. Concurrently, Jeff is employed by General Electric and is on the National Defense ISAC Board of Directors.
Jeff spent 25 years as a Special Agent of the FBI. He retired as the Deputy Assistant Director for Cyber National Security and Cyber Criminal Investigations.
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