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Additive Talks: How established industrials go beyond AM misconceptions and reshape their business with current advances in AM?

About This Webinar

With the goal of building and maintaining trains faster and at lower costs, the railway industry is one-of-a-kind sector of activity that depends a lot on stringent engineering and regulations requirements. Interestingly, in the short list of companies that are tapping into the potential of AM, Wabtec and Deutsche Bahn ESG are standing out from the crowd. In their respective region, USA and Europe, they have deployed a wide range of resources to deliver rail parts through a simplified supply chain. But is it the only business case that may enable them to stay competitive on the market? How has the integration of AM changed their business model? What are the advances of AM technologies that enable them to stay competitive? What are the challenges that they still need to overcome with the technology? What is their ambition moving forward?

These are just a couple of questions that professionals in the field are asking themselves.

This first virtual panel of the third season of our Additive Talks sessions, ambitions to highlight mistakes and lessons on their respective use of AM technologies – that other professionals in similar industries will take into account in their exploration of AM, and hopefully reveals new insights that they could learn from each other.

Around this virtual table:

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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter
Mechanical Engineering Manager at DB ESG Leader of Mobility Goes Additive's RAILiability working group
Martin Stevens, who leads DB ESG’s Innovations projects, responsible for investigating technologies that might bring further advances to the rail sector. He is also the leader of Mobility Goes Additive’s RAILiability working group. His current role is Mechanical Engineering Manager at DB ESG, a UK based subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn AG, leading a team of professional engineers. In this role, Stevens leads the technical and skills development of the team including the progression of digital manufacturing, including additive manufacturing, as an alternative to traditional methods.
Webinar hosting presenter
Global AM Leader, Wabtec Corporation
Anthony Mott, the Global Additive Manufacturing Leader for Wabtec Corporation, a global leader in the railway industry. In this role, Mott leads a team of engineers that support other Wabtec engineers and Wabtec customers with any challenges they are facing. Prior to joining Wabtec, Mott held several roles for GE Additive including Lead Additive Manufacturing Engineer and Operations Manager. Along with these roles, he was the training leader at the site in educating customers on how to apply and integrate additive manufacturing technology into their business.
Webinar hosting presenter
Managing Editor at 3D ADEPT Media
Kety is currently leading the publication’s editorial and content activities. She has a unique gift for knowing how to grab an audience's attention on insights that matter – in this case, everything related to additive manufacturing. She believes that a wide range of innovations still have to be discovered about the technologies that shape the world of tomorrow and she has made it her objective at 3D ADEPT Media.
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