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Where's the Money Hiding? - Fundraising for the Grassroots

November 4, 2015 at 10:00:00 AM · Pacific Time (US & Canada) 546 views
About This Webinar

In the the next installment of our webinar series, we'll cover a topic we receive questions about time and time again — fundraising! In a webinar entitled "Where's the Money Hiding? Fundraising for the Grassroots," you'll hear from interfaith leaders who have successfully funded their activities, and then have a chance to ask them your questions.

We understand that every organization is different and has unique challenges, so we've compiled a stellar panel to share with you a variety of proven strategies for funding nonprofit organizations. Our speakers include:

- Danya Wellmon, co-founder of Women Transcending Boundaries, will talk about how to find the resources you need to fund your organization and projects. She'll share how she's found funding and networking opportunities in her community.
- Grace Patterson, Director of Global Programs for World Faith, will share how her organization sustains itself almost entirely on small donations.
- Sue Martin, United Religions Initiative's Director of Development, will round out the panel with her more than 20 years of professional fundraising experience in a variety of nonprofit organizations.

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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter Sari H
Sari Heidenreich is the Regional Coordinator for United Religions Initiative in North America. She will serve as the moderator.
Webinar hosting presenter Danya W
Danya Wellmon is the co-founder of Women Transcending Boundaries (WTB), an interfaith women’s organization in Syracuse, New York founded two weeks after 9/11. WTB is a United Religions Initiative Cooperation Circle and Danya serves on the URI North America Leadership Council as vice chair. Danya is a retired Medical Laboratory Technician with the American Red Cross and member of the Islamic Society of CNY and past board member.
Webinar hosting presenter Sue M
Sue Martin joined URI in May 2015, and in her role as Director of Development she is responsible for raising contributed income to support the organization. She brings over two decades of experience in nonprofit development and management, with extensive experience in the arts, social service, and women’s issues, having worked with organizations in the Bay Area, Hawaii, and throughout the country. Sue is deeply committed to the power of individual philanthropy, and has worked to build the fund raising capacity of organizations affecting positive social change. She is enthusiastic about URI’s mission and working to increase financial resources for URI as well as helping to build the fund raising capacity of the Cooperation Circles. Sue holds a B.A from the University of Minnesota
Webinar hosting presenter Grace P
Grace is a committed interfaith advocate and writer. As the Director of Global Programs for World Faith, she supports religiously diverse teams of young people around the world who are working to end religious violence and global poverty. World Faith works with local leaders to help them effectively address the most pressing issues facing their communities, measure their success, and ensure the sustainability of their work. As the Director of Strategy for Mean Communications, she works with interfaith organizations to help craft and execute communications strategies that will compel others to join, create, and do.
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United Religions Initiative  webinar platform hosts Where's the Money Hiding? - Fundraising for the Grassroots
United Religions Initiative is the world's largest grassroots peacebuilding network. Our webinars cover a variety of topics relevant to those working in the interfaith, nonprofit fields, and more!
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