This Panel discussion covers whether "form" matters in situations related to performance, injury, rehabilitation, load management and more... We have brought together some amazing perspectives to really challenge all of our thought processes!
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    Rachel Bevins
    Job: Graduate Sports Therapist at NM Sports Therapy, Associate Lecturer at the University of Worcester
    Professional Interests: Rehabilitation, Research, Parasport
    Personal Interests: Cycling, paddle boarding, rock climbing
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    Greg Lehman
    Job: Physiotherapist and Educator
    Professional Interests: Pain, Biomechanics, Optimism
    Personal Interests: Trampoline, Flipping, Climbing
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    Tom Marshall
    Job: Client Experience Manager Sports Injury Fix & Athlete
    Professional Interests: Strength & conditioning for runners, coaching principles for runners, elite performance in runners
    Personal Interests: Sport (track & field, football, cricket, golf), coaching track/ road running, reading