The Massage Matters Podcast Team have a live discussion around the utility and biology of using Massage for recovery in sports!
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    Anna Maria Mazzieri
    Job: Soft Tissue Therapist -Director of The Clinic and The School
    Professional Interests: Person centred care, Language in Clinical Practice, Raising Standards
    Personal Interests: Rugby, Travelling and Philosophyof Soft Tissue Therapy training and Practice
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    Becky DeMott Horton
    Job: Soft Tissue Therapist
    Professional Interests: The role of manual therapy in evidence based msk care
    Personal Interests: Triathlon, labradors, playing in the sea
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    Matt Scarsbrook
    Job: Soft Tissue Therapist at Therapy Evolved and Tutor at The School
    Professional Interests: Mental And Physical Health Interactions, Complex Pain, Endurance Athletes
    Personal Interests: Ultra Running, Snow Sports, Anything By Nintendo!