This Panel discussion covers a vital topic in todays society, how do we facilitate mass participation in exercise? Looking especially at those whom it would help the most, those that exercise very little or not at all!
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    Ben Wilkins
    Job - CEO of Good Boost Wellbeing, a social enterprise transforming any space into a therapeutic place with AI-technology
    Professional Interests: MSK Clinical Champion, Versus Arthritis. Winston Churchill Fellow: research on gamification for older adult MSK exercise. Previous research publications on aquatic rehabilitation and peer-led community MSK services. Key interest in community MSK, technology, co-design, gamification and people-led healthcare
    Personal Interests: Rock climbing, cycling, snowboarding, festivals (with beer) and defending my Guinness world record
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    Noel Thatcher
    Job: MSK Physio/Paralympian
    Professional Interests: Identifying and removing barriers to recovery, running injuries, health promotion
    Personal Interests: Running, Japan, travel
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    Tom Williams
    Job: Chief Operating Officer, parkrun
    Professional Interests: Physical activity and public health
    Personal Interests: Running, rowing, and hanging with friends & family