A live recording from the At Your Cervix Podcast Team, Grainne Donnelly and Emma Brockwell as they interview Heather Townsend about post natal return to running
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    Emma Brockwell
    Job: Pelvic health physiotherapist
    Professional Interests: Perinatal pelvic health, pelvic health in female athletes, Promotion of pelvic health
    Personal Interests: Family time with my husband and 3 kids, Running and writing
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    Gráinne Donnelly
    Job: Advanced Physiotherapist and Pelvic Health Team Lead
    Professional Interests: Pelvic health including Diastasis recti, postnatal exercise and ultrasound
    Personal Interests: Tennis, gardnening and violin imaging. Also dipping my toe into research and loving it
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    Heather Townsend
    Job: Triathlete
    Professional Interests: Elite sport, return to sport post baby
    Personal Interests: Running triathlon twins