About This Webinar
Curious about fertility treatment abroad? Join our informative webinar on fertility treatment with donor sperm in Denmark and get a chance to ask all your questions.

Every year, thousands of women and couples travel to Denmark for fertility treatment. For many, it's a daunting decision to make, and feeling safe and well-informed throughout the process is essential.

During the webinar, we'll walk you through the basics of fertility treatment in Denmark. We'll cover how to prepare and introduce you to how we work at StorkKlinik to make you feel comfortable throughout the process. We'll be joined by European Sperm Bank who will explain your options in terms of donor sperm and how to choose the right donor for you. Also, single mother by choice Holly Ryan will share her story of travelling to Denmark for treatment.

Throughout the webinar, we'll answer questions from participants. You'll be able to ask your questions anonymously.
  • What to expect from your treatment // StorkKlinik
  • Choosing your sperm donor // European Sperm Bank
  • My experience with fertility treatment in Denmark // Holly Ryan
  • Q&A session
Kathrine Birch Petersen
Medical Director and Head of Clinic at StorkKlinik
Kathrine holds a PhD in fertility, and her professional experience spans 16 years of working at public as well as private clinics. At StorkKlinik, Kathrine manages day-to-day operations and ensures that treatments are based on the latest advances in medical research. Kathrine is the Chairman of the Danish Fertility Society.
Marie-Louise Heise
Customer advisor and Regional Sales Manager, European Sperm Bank
Marie-Louise Heise has worked within healthcare and fertility since 2005. Every day, Marie-Louise speaks to women and couples to help them navigate their fertility journey. Her experience at European Sperm Bank has given her extensive knowledge of the questions facing women when choosing their sperm donor.
Holly Ryan
Single mother by choice
Holly Ryan travelled to Denmark several times to be inseminated at StorkKlinik. She lives in Brighton in the UK. Now the proud mum of Johan and Silke, Holly shares her advice on how to make the decision to go abroad and how she navigated key decisions along the way.