Safety professionals can leverage the role of frontline leaders to reduce injuries and increase safety awareness among workers. Supervisors are a crucial contributor to safety success. They are the bridge between organizational directives and on-the-ground operations. As a result, the skills and knowledge that your supervisors possess can ultimately make or break your company’s safety efforts.

Take a deep dive into six key factors that determine how shift supervisors influence safety outcomes with SafeStart’s Chris Ross, CSP, CPTD. He’ll provide an overview of how each of these factors functions, and will discuss specific actions and skills supervisors can use to influence positive results.

Attendees will learn:
How human factors affect safety, quality and performance at individual and organizational levels
Why supervisors need to actively manage human factors
The important difference between climate and culture
The six factors that influence organizational safety success
How using learning loops can sustain improvements and raise the floor for safety outcomes
How management can incorporate the skills and concepts discussed in this session into the way they lead safety

This webinar is focused on giving EHS managers and company executives practical insight into how supervisors can play a more active role in workplace safety. At the end of the presentation, attendees will understand how they can target safety success factors in order to boost their supervisors’ contributions to safety outcomes.
on-demand webinar
Chris Ross, CSP, CPLP
SafeStart Implementation Specialist
Rachael Daniels
Advertising Manager
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