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Let’s talk… End-user experience

About This Webinar

Bring objective monitoring to one of the most subjective areas of IT

Every IT department suffers; the constant tirade of end-users with frustrations around their experience. Perhaps their device is slow, their connection poor, or access to a particular service is unreliable. Whatever the variant, experience issues are notoriously difficult to diagnose and replicate. Determining if a problem actually exists or if it is down to user error is the biggest challenge.

From the user perspective, it’s a frustrating cycle requiring substantial amounts of time to demonstrate the issue, and often leads to an unresolved dead-end.

What if there was a solution?

Join us for this episode of Let's talk Data UK! to learn about user experience monitoring; an objective and low-impact measure of all aspects of the end-user experience. We’ll be joined by colleagues at Lakeside, a leading user-experience monitoring solution.

We’ll explore:
- How to improve outcomes for end-users and reduce support load on IT teams
- How to access detailed but intelligent information on user experience
- How to roll back to a point-in-time, when the issue occurred
- How real-time monitoring can automatically identify and proactively deal with issues
- A live demo of user-experience software

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