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Balancing the Demands of Ministry and Family

Thu, Feb 26, 2015 · 1:00 PM · Eastern Time (US & Canada) 533 views
About This Webinar

It’s an ongoing challenge to make sure we’re faithfully carrying out our ministerial calling, yet still giving our family top billing. I'm excited to be co-hosting this workshop with my good friend Pastor Chuck Balsamo as we dive into how to balance ministry and family.

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Webinar hosting presenter Jeremy C
Pajamahub.com - Founder and CEO
Children's Pastor and Media Director at Bethel Harvest Church in Nicholasville, KY and Founder of PajamaHub.com
Webinar hosting presenter Chuck B
Dr. Chuck Balsamo
Author | Speaker | Coach

Chuck Balsamo leads one of the best small town churches in America. In recent years, he’s become a sought-after author, speaker, and business coach. Chuck lifts people from the bottom to love God passionately, see big dreams, and reach them.

At 19, Chuck married his childhood sweetheart Emily when she was 17. Six months later, at rock bottom from addictions, godlessness, and a teen pregnancy, the two turned to Christ over the phone with a born-again high school friend.

At 23, Chuck became a real estate agent. Five years later, at the height of his success—when he was on track for 160 sales and $400K that year—Chuck and Emily took a giant leap of faith out of business into full-time ministry!

Four months later, in Murfreesboro North Carolina, Chuck’s first two-day “revival meeting” extended for 97 days! In a church of 50 people, 171 people came to Christ and hundreds more were healed from everything you can imagine. The entire community was impacted. From this, doors for ministry opened, filling Chuck’s schedule with 300 meetings per year—for the next three years, until planting a church in Virginia!

Since then, Chuck and Emily have spoken in India, Uganda, Ukraine, Albania, Peru, Dominica, and Mexico; and all over the USA. Through their ministry, more than 15,000 people have come to know Christ and thousands more have risen into their higher purpose.

In June of 2012, Chuck earned his Doctor of Ministry from Life Christian University. He recently published his first book of many to come, Make Me a Legend. Chuck leads and instructs the Destiny Campus of Life Christian University. Chuck also coaches everyday people, business owners, and millionaires in life and business!

The Balsamo’s have a son, Coree, and a daughter Heaven. Coree is a remote village backpack missionary, currently serving God in India, Nepal, and Peru. Heaven is a pastry chef, recently married, and adopting a son!

Chuck and Emily have one dog, one cat, four water gardens, and 50 koi fish. They enjoy hiking, running, surfing, and adventuring. Chuck blogs at chuckbalsamo.com where he inspires and encourages a large and growing network of difference makers. You can meet Chuck in person on most Sundays at Destiny Family Center or at his other speaking events.
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