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Unfolding Miasms - SYCOSIS Session 2

November 16, 2017 at 10:30:00 PM · IST
By Enlightenment Education (4.2 stars · 18 reviews )
About This Webinar

Four Miasms are responsible for all diseases of a chronic nature and to form the foundation for all diseases.

Understanding behavioral pattern of the Four Miasms is significant in:

• Understand complete evolution of Miasms right from Psora to Syphilis and its finer differentiating points

• Understanding the child and his behavioral patterns and thereby the underlying miasmatic influence.

• Deciding the remedy, disease diagnosis, remedy management, second prescription, prognosis and more with the help of miasms.

• Understanding the reversal i.e. Hering’s law of cure from the miasmatic study which helps us in understanding disease, its curability and regression from the syphilitic phase back to the Psoric phase.
In this 4 webinar series, you will understand the practical aspects of all 4 Miasms with beautifully articulated presentations and variety of cases to have perfect understanding of Miasms


Day 1 : Thursday , 09 Nov 2017 (Recording available on registration)
Time : 10:30 PM IST | 10 AM PT | 6 PM London
Introduction to Miasms. Insights on PSORA, Case studies on PSORA
Duration : 2 hours

Day 2 : Thursday , 16 Nov 2017
Time : 10:30 PM IST | 10 AM PT | 6 PM London
Understand SYCOSIS Miasm, Case studies on SYCOSIS
Duration : 2 hours

Day 3 : Thursday , 23 Nov 2017
Time : 10:30 PM IST | 10 AM PT | 6 PM London
Understand TUBERCULAR Miasm, Case studies on TUBERCULAR
Duration : 2 hours

Day 4 : Thursday , 30 Nov 2017
Time : 10:30 PM IST | 10 AM PT | 6 PM London
Study on SYPHILITIC Miasm, Case studies on SYPHILITIC
Duration : 2 hours

4 Webinars, 8 hours of sessions only for $30.
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