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Infertility and How Homeopathy helps in Creating Healthy Families

February 23, 2018 at 10:30:00 PM · IST
By Enlightenment Education (4.5 stars · 28 reviews )
About This Webinar

Note: Infertility and How Homeopathy helps in Creating Healthy Families is a part of Advanced series of 12 webinars 'Homeopathy Heals'
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About the webinar:

Homeopathy offers an effective, safe, and painless alternative to the invasive fertility treatments available. Dr. B.T. Rudresh, a classical homeopathic practitioner of Karnataka whose name is now synonymous with homeopathy, has won the unique and unmatched distinction of solving 2000 infertile couples is a national record. He is recognised to be a fontal torch bearer and in this webinar he will navigate to through all aspects of homeopathy in infertility.


1 in 8 couples have trouble getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy. Over 7.4 million women have ever received any infertility services in their lifetime. Couples who have infertility often find themselves in physical and emotional turmoil.

Most commonly seen cases were polycystic ovarian diseases (P.C.O.D.), bulky uterus, endometriosis, uterian fibroids, oligospermia, tubal blocks and repeated abortions. The other factors which hamper the conceptions were obesity, alcohol and smoking.
Homoeopathy has nurtured life by impregnating eluding life into the till then barren wombs.

Dr. Rudresh with his 3 decades of expertise in the field of homeopathy will share his experience in treating more than 1600 women who were thirsting to taste motherhood.

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Dr. Belavady Thippeswamy Rudresh, a classical practitioner of homoeopathy has completed 3 decades of committed service to the multitude who have thronged to him for an effective cure.

He has authored the following books – ‘Novu neeguva...
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