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Friday, Jan 12, 10:00 PM IST · 3 hours

Homeopathy Heals – A Series of 12 Webinars

January 12, 2018 at 10:00:00 PM · IST
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About This Webinar

Have you wanted to attend a seminar from most acclaimed homeopaths but didn’t have the time to spend away from the office or are your travel funds limited? No problem. Here’s why Enlightenment Education has brought to you ‘Homeopathy Heals – Series 1’. It comprises of 12 webinars with innovation and a cutting-edge in the field of Homeopathy. A collection of non-stop learning inspiration of 12 webinars for $100 only!

Webinars by Enlightenment Education are the most successful and are highly regarded by students, practitioners all around the globe.

Now you can watch the Webinars from your home or office. Just register for Homeopathy Heals – Series 1. You will be able to interact with the speakers while attending the Webinar and ask questions, just as if you were attending live seminar. Each webinar is generally about 3 hours in duration.

How will it help you?

The webinar series will

• Help you solve your cases
• Useful practical solutions for case-taking & confidence in prescription
• Comparative study will help in differentiating remedies

Take the first glimpse of the webinars- an oncoming evolutionary journey which will empower you, make you more confident about your prescriptions.

Webinar 1 and 2:
Date: 12th and 19th January, 2018
Speaker: Dr. Ajit Kulkarni

Title: Body Language And Homeopathy

Body language is a language without spoken words. We use it all the time in our day-to-day life while interacting with other people. Our one gesture, movements and expressions delivers specific message.

This webinar by Dr. Ajit Kulkarni is divided in 2 parts which brings to you a bird's eye view of Body Language and how it can be put to use in Homeopathic prescribing. It is definitely not something you would want to miss, especially if it’s going to make your Homeopathic practice a more enriching experience!

Webinar 3:

Title: Reflections of perfection – Homeopathic Management of Skin diseases
Date: 26th January, 2018
Speaker: Dr. Raj Kumar Manchanda

Skin diseases are merely local manifestations of internal affection. The disease represents the struggle of your body to get rid of derangement in the system, congenital or acquired. . Homeopathic medicines not only aid to correct the derangement but avoid the danger of suppression. In this webinar, Dr. Raj Kumar Manchanda will address the homeopathic management of skin diseases thereby providing the essential tools to effectively treat common skin conditions.

Webinar 4:

Title: Hypertension, a by-product of modern lifestyle and its Homeopathic Management
Date: 2nd February, 2018
Speaker: Dr. Bipin Jain

Worldwide, high blood pressure is estimated to cause 7.5 million deaths, about 12.8% of the total of all deaths. Homeopathy offers eminent complementary treatment for most cases of high blood pressure.

Dr. Bipin Jain with his clinical experience of over 30 years has effectively treated cases of high blood pressure. He will evaluate the benefits of homeopathic treatment for hypertension in this webinar.

Webinar 5 and 6:

Title: Unravel the Tangled Temperament
Date: 9th and 16th February, 2018
Speaker: Dr. Parinaz Humranwala

Knowing temperament of patient means knowing his “real self” and hence, is the basis of the accurate homeopathic prescription.

Homeopathy considers that each human being is different and unique & this forms the intrinsic core i.e. our temperament which is very unique and cannot be changed. Dr. Parinaz Humranwala, a worthy torch-bearer of Homeopathy, with her extensive research on Temperament will guide you throughout this webinar divided in 2 parts.

Webinar 7:

Title: Infertility and How Homeopathy helps in Creating Happy Healthy Families
Date: 23rd February, 2018
Speaker: Dr. B.T. Rudresh

Homeopathy offers an effective, safe, and painless alternative to the invasive fertility treatments available. Dr. B.T. Rudresh, the presenter of this webinar is a classical homeopathic practitioner of Karnataka whose name is now synonymous with homeopathy, has won the unique and unmatched distinction of solving 2000 infertile couples is a national record. He is recognized to be a frontal torch bearer and in this webinar he will navigate to through all aspects of homeopathy in infertility.

Webinar 8:

Title: Homeopathy for Multiple Sclerosis(MS)
Date: 2nd March, 2018
Speaker: Dr. Kishore Mehta

In MS, the immune system attacks the protective sheath (myelin) that covers nerve fibers and causes communication problems between your brain and the rest of your body. Eventually, the disease can cause the nerves themselves to deteriorate or become permanently damaged.

Dr. Kishore Mehta is a consulting homeopath since 36 years will enrich you how Homeopathic treatment helps to halt the process of nerve degeneration. He will guide you through all the intricacies of Case-Taking, Analysis and Follow-Up. Each disease condition will be grounded in real cases and clarify the effectiveness of homeopathy in them.

The webinar will highlight on:
• Clinical presentation of Multiple sclerosis (MS)
• Materia Medica
• Clinical cases with analysis

Webinar 9 and 10:

Title: Breathe Healthily – Role of Homeopathy in Asthma
Date: 9th and 16th March, 2018
Speaker: Dr. Jawahar Shah

Asthma is the leading cause of absenteeism from school and the third leading cause of work loss. Let us learn from the MASTER OF Asthma, Dr. Jawahar Shah. Dr. Shah has cured many patients purely with Classical Homeopathic approach in the last 38 years of his practice. Enlighten about a successful prescription for asthma by attending this 2 days webinar.

Webinar 11:

Title: Know the Science - Management of Psychiatric conditions
Date: 23rd March, 2018
Speaker: Dr. George Loukas

The psycho-intellectual state of the person is the prime importance for homeopathic prescription.

Dr. George Loukas practices homeopathy since 1982 and has introduced the unifying theory of diathesis. He has created a new field in Homeopathy, named Cognitive Homeopathy and has invented new homeopathic remedies.

He will abridge the ocean of psychiatric conditions in this webinar and how homeopathy is efficient in treating the same.

Webinar 12:

Title: Re-define the Metabolism - Homeopathic approach towards Hyperthyroidism
Date: 30th March, 2018
Speaker: Dr. Shailendra Vaishampayan

The potential role of homeopathy in reversing the functional and immune disturbances of thyroid gland is well-known. Hyperthyroidism means that the overactive thyroid releases more thyroid hormones (T3 and T4) than are required for the normal functioning of the metabolism.

In this online webinar, Dr. Shailendra will be presenting Homeopathic approach towards hyperthyroidism well supported by his clinical cases relieved with Homeopathy.

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