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Unleashing the Power of AI in Restaurants: A Journey from Kitchen to Consumer

About This Webinar

Explore the adoption of Artificial Intelligence in the restaurant industry, driven by the evolving needs of Foodservice Operators and consumers alike. Join industry experts as they delve into how embracing AI technology can revolutionize operations, enhance customer experiences, and pave the way for market exploration. At the forefront of this digital revolution are the restless minds, constantly seeking to innovate and stay ahead. Through real-world examples and comparative analysis, we'll showcase the transformative impact of AI adoption on restaurant businesses.


Closed captioning is available in 30 languages.

This webinar is approved for .75 CEU through Foodservice Consultants Society International, and .75 CEH through the American Culinary Federation toward the initial or recertification application for ACF certification. Please contact programming@winsightmedia.com for a certificate of attendance.

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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter
Founder and CEO, GALUNION
Simone Galante is the founder and CEO of GALUNION, a leading company specializing in innovation, content creation, and consultancy services for the foodservice industry, Simone brings over 30 years of expertise to the table. With a distinguished executive career, she has spearheaded more than 350 projects across the entire foodservice ecosystem, ranging from ingredient suppliers, food manufacturers, equipment providers, and distributors to restaurant chains and independent operators. Simone's leadership extends beyond GALUNION, having previously served as General Director of the Compass Group, where she managed over 4,400 professionals. Her extensive experience and strategic acumen have positioned her as a trusted advisor to numerous companies, while her insightful trend analysis and thought-provoking lectures contribute to industry discourse. Simone actively engages in industry associations such as the Brazilian Franchising Association (ABF), leveraging partnerships with ANR ( Brazilian National Restaurant Association), ABIA (Brazilian Food Industry Association), and ABERC (Brazilian Non-Commercial Association) to advance market intelligence and knowledge dissemination within the sector.
Webinar hosting presenter
President, Groucho’s Deli
I'm Deric Rosenbaum, and I currently serve as the president and a multiunit franchise owner at Groucho's Deli. With over two decades in the food service industry, my expertise spans from distribution logistics to managing franchise operations. Throughout my career, I've transitioned from a hands-on franchisee to leading the development of a central distribution commissary and successfully launching over 50 franchise units.

Colleagues recognize me as a proficient builder—not only of sandwiches and physical spaces but also of cohesive teams, a thriving brand, enriching customer experiences, and a robust tech infrastructure. As the resident CTO of Groucho's Deli, I champion the adoption of open, bi-directional APIs and industry-wide data standards, leveraging technology to enhance guest experiences and operational efficiencies. Strategic innovations have helped steer the company through challenging times, including the COVID-19 pandemic, bolstering its resilience and prosperity.

I firmly advocate for customer-centricity, prioritizing people, pride, and passion in every business endeavor. Inspired by Yoda's wisdom, I believe in full commitment to our goals: "Do or do not; there is no try."

Outside of work, I cherish my roles as a husband and father to two wonderful daughters and am a proud caretaker of two beloved dogs. I reside in Columbia, South Carolina, and enjoy tending to my yard, listening to soulful music, and staying active to recharge.
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