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How to choose the right panoramic solution from NOVOFLEX

About This Webinar

Get ready to
build your ideal NOVOFLEX Panorama kit
with Martin Grahl and Matt Hill

Thursday, June 17 2021 at 1:00 PM EST

This is a product-focused presentation for people who truly love creating panoramas and want to single- and multi-row panoramas with precision and repeatability.

During this live Q&A session, Martin will focus on helping you
* choose the panorama rig for your sensor and lenses
* explain the differences between our kits
* choose a complimentary balancing head and/or tripod system
* recommendations for other accessories

Join us a live Q&A featuring your questions!

Martin and Matt will be on hand and ready to advise you on choosing the right NOVOFLEX Pano gear.


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Gear links:
Panorama base plates and kits: https://novoflexus.com/panorama/
Magic Balance Leveling Headshttps://novoflexus.com/search.php?search_query=MBAL§ion=product
Tripods https://novoflexus.com/tripods/

  • Answer your questions about choosing the right gear for panorama photography
  • Demonstrate how to assemble the components
  • explain the differences between our panorama kits and bases
  • Explore the differences between the different panorama base plates
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Webinar Price: Free
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Webinar hosting presenter Matt Hill
Host, photographer, educator and more.
Partner, co-founder of National Parks at Night.
Webinar hosting presenter Martin
NOVOFLEX International Sales Manager
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NOVOFLEX webinar platform hosts How to choose the right panoramic solution from NOVOFLEX
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Troy Corliss
I own a bunch of Novoflex gear and LOVE the interchangeable nature of the (arca-swiss) parts for building what ever above-tripod architecture I need to rig the camera! Because I do a lot of long distance backpacking, I have been on an ever present search to find the right balance of sturdy, small and light tripod set up for multi-row pano's, macro and astro photography.

My latest (pano) rig, is a modified assembly of similar parts. Off the tripod mounted swivel, I am using the the QPL L-Bracket (vertical support), Q 6/8 Base (vertical swivel), QR Plate Slim 150x39 mm (swing arm to camera mount).

I use this rig with a Nikon 810 body with prime lens. Although this is a snug set up, it is the best version of sturdy, small and light bracket for multi-row pano's I have found. Once set up, this feels just as smooth and stable as my Multi Row Panorama VR-System. But with NO extra wiggle room.

The down side, I feel like I am maxing out the intended use of the L-Bracket by using it as a vertical support. I would love to have a 150mm x 150mm Slim version of L-Bracket with the corner block for stabilizing the joint. You may ask, "why not trim down a VR-System Slim L-Bracket and use that?" That could work, however, I would also need to machine the mounting hole for a Q 6/8 Base. The ability to mount a Q 6/8, or Q 48 Base as the vertical swivel is a must.

Question: Could you provide a smaller scale version of panorama L-Bracket, in the size range of 150mm- 170mm?
Thank you! Troy 09/21
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