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How to Create Spherical Panoramas with Jan Röpenack

About This Webinar

Jan Röpenack explains how he creates full spherical panoramas, which equipment he uses, which lenses he prefers and how he basically proceeds. In addition to basic information, he shows his entire workflow, starting with the exact adjustment of the panorama head, angular step sequences, camera settings and the final stitching of the individual images with the software PTGui Pro. Using many examples, he shows how he created spherical panoramas with only 4 single images or high-resolution panoramas with over 30 images.

  • What is a spherical panorama? How does the result look like
  • How can a spherical panorama be displayed
  • Other types of projections
  • My equipment: camera, lenses, panorama heads and how the lens affects the size of the final panorama
Who can view: Everyone
Webinar Price: Free
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Webinar hosting presenter Martin Grahl
Sales Manager at NOVOFLEX in Germany.
Big fan and collector of vintage photo gear as well as all kinds of pano- and macro photography.
Webinar hosting presenter
About Jan Röpenack:
The qualified industrial engineer worked in the photo trade for 20 years and familiarized himself with all areas of digital technology at a very early stage. The enthusiastic panorama photographer was involved in the development of all Novoflex panorama heads, tested prototypes and wrote the corresponding instructions.
Today he leads workshops on the subject of panorama photography and shares his knowledge with anyone interested on his website www.pixelrama.de.
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