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Friday, Feb 21, 4:00 PM IST · 2 hours

Free Webinar: Coronavirus - Measures beyond masks for the healthcare professionals

February 21, 2020 at 04:00:00 PM · IST
By Medvarsity Online Limited (3.3 stars · 9 reviews )
About This Webinar

Constant touch with patients during treatment makes a healthcare professional more prone to catching an infection.

During the coronavirus epidemic, healthcare professionals are perpetually at risk of catching the infection. However, it is important to take the necessary steps to protect professionals who save lives from the virus and more so when the world needs them the most during the outbreak.

In this direction, we have organized a webinar, “Coronavirus: Measures beyond masks for the healthcare professionals,” which will cover the precautionary measures that doctors, nurses, and other professionals in a healthcare facility should take and what initiatives a hospital can take to protect its workforce against coronavirus.

Major Takeaways from the Webinar:

● COVID-19 and the probable modes of infection and how to minimize chances of exposure to it

● Challenges in managing the infection by COVID-19

● Infection control procedures and safe practices for healthcare delivery teams including personal and environmental hygiene

● Appropriate use of personal protection equipment to prevent the infection

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