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The 3 Truths of Selling And Your Keys To Unlocking Them In Our New Virtual World

Tue, Mar 2, 2021 · 10:00 AM · Pacific Time (US & Canada)
About This Webinar

If you want to improve your sales effectiveness both virtually and in person without coming off as just another sales rep pushing a product or service, then the 3 Truths of Selling webinar is for you.

In 60 Minutes, I'll help you shift your perspective and show you how to have a natural, organic customer focused conversation that builds trust, creates value and closes sales!

Hi, I'm Howard Olsen and in my 30+ years of selling I've discovered there are 3 Fundamental Truths that will help you sell more at higher margin in less time no matter who you are, where you go, or what you're selling. In this webinar I'm going to teach you about these 3 Truths, and how you can begin to apply them to immediately start generating results from your sales efforts.

By the end of the 3 Truths of Selling webinar you'll be equipped with a few game-changing takeaways.

1 - Understanding of the 3 Truths of Selling and The 5 Critical Decisions every customer makes before you can sell, convince or persuade them of anything.

2 - Discover what you're actually selling by learning to think 'Outcome' vs product or service.

3 - Create unshakable value that closes more sales at higher margin in less time with truth trust and integrity.

4 - How to ask the right questions and strengthen your rapport building skills.

I promise, if you'll invest an hour with me, I'll invest an hour with you and make this a worthwhile use of your time. Get ready to take your sales to the next level!

  • We're All In Sales!
  • Introduction To The 3 Truths of Selling
  • The 5 Critical Decisions
  • The Sales Blueprint
  • Create Value in the Mind of Your Customer
  • Forget What You Sell - Think Outcomes, Talk Results
  • The Power of Thought Provoking Questions
  • The Power in Selling - You Are The Sale
  • The Sales Success Formula
  • Thanks For Watching - An Exclusive Offer - Just For You
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Webinar Price: Free
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Webinar hosting presenter Howard Olsen
Canada's Leading Sales Strategist and Professional Speaker
As Canada's leading sales strategist and professional speaker, Howard has closed over $500 million in personal sales to companies like Boeing, HP, Airbus, Dell and others. Today he uses his experiences to teach and encourage others to achieve sales success.

With Howard as your coach, you'll transform your ordinary messages into more powerful, persuasive presentations that will allow you to comfortably sell the way your stakeholders naturally buy. Get ready to level up your sales ability!
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