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Problem-Based Learning in Math: Clarifying Misconceptions and Understanding Differences

About This Webinar

With 20 years of PBL teaching experience, Carmel Schettino can speak to the many ways that teachers have adapted various student-centered pedagogies and problem-based curricula to a form what they called problem-based learning. In the past 5-8 years PBL has seen a rise in popularity and use in many disciplines, but the research surrounding the learning that happens in the mathematics classroom is not catching up with anecdotal support for the teaching method. In this session, we'll discuss differences between Problem-Based (PBL), Project-Based (PjBL and Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) from a researcher's standpoint, as well as what is known about PBL in terms of student learning in mathematics.

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I am a mother, wife and math teacher. I currently teach at Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA and my favorite class to teach is statistics! This is my 27th year of teaching and I am a Desmos fellow and Desmos certified presenter. @mathteacher24 is my twitter handle and I blog at mathteacher24.blogspot.com. I have several tech related videos for stat and TI-NSpire at www.youtube.com/mathteacher24. Feel free to ask me questions about National Board Certification (renewed in 2015). I also enjoy singing, reading and staying fit using workouts from Beachbody (P90X3/TurboFire/21DFX).
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